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How do I set up Mailgun in ZZaZZe?

Mailgun is the preferred SMTP provider for ZZaZZe as it has the deepest integration.

There are three (3) ways to integrate Mailgun into ZZaZZe, each with pros and cons and we run you through the options below 

Click here to find out why you need an external SMTP Provider for ZZaZZe. 

OPTION 1: The API Method

This is the slightly slower, but better method 

The reason it’s better is because it is a deeper integration that gives you more email sending stats in ZZaZZe (such as Bounce Rates etc). 

The reason it’s slightly slower is that you need to securely send us your Mailgun API Key and wait for us to add it to your account in our Admin Portal. 

This takes us about 1-2 business days.

Click here for the secure form to send us your API Key.


At the moment, the High-Level Mailgun integration only works for domains set up in the US region. 

If you set up your domain in the EU region, it will not work.

If you aren’t able to set up your domain in the US region due to your GDPR Policy, then you will need to use OPTION 2: The Direct SMTP Method below 

Once we securely receive your API key, we’ll add it within two (2) business days and send you all the DNS Records you need to add so you’re ready to go.

(and before you ask, yes – we’ve already asked High-Level to build a system to allow you to do this yourself without us being stuck in the middle handling API keys )

OPTION 2: The Direct SMTP Method

This second option is the quickest yet not a full-featured method.

It’s the quickest because you can set it up immediately and start using it. 

The reason it’s not full-featured is because it doesn’t have deep statistical integration into ZZaZZe so you won’t be able to see stats like Bounces Rates etc.

This method literally just allows you to send emails via SMTP. 

To configure this option, go to your ZZaZZe Settings section and select the SMTP & Mailgun Services page, click the Add Service button and choose Other. 

Then just fill in all the SMTP details on the page and you’re good to go. 

OPTION 3: Use our Mailgun Account

This option is where you use our Mailgun account as your SMTP Provider. 

It’s for those of you that don’t want to set up your own SMTP Service. 

There are a bunch of cons to this option, including low sending limits and the part where if any other ZZaZZe user (accidentally) gets marked as sending spam, your email deliverability will also be affected.

In saying all that, if you do want to use our Mailgun account, simply fill in this 60-second form to let us know the Sub-Domain you want to use (see below). Within 2 business days of receiving the form, we’ll add it into our Mailgun account and send you the DNS Records you will need to create for us to be able to verify it. 

What is a Sub-Domain?

ZZaZZe allows you to thread email conversations with your prospects all together in one place. To do this, you will send your emails out as a sub-domain of your existing domain (E.g. [email protected]) so that all conversations with prospects will get threaded into the ZZaZZe Conversations area.

Updated on July 9, 2022

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