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Supported Web Browsers

Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled for your JumpCloud® Portal to function properly. See your browser documentation to learn how to turn these on in that browser.  

  • We recommend that you use: 
    • The most recent version of a supported browser for its latest security features.
    • Chrome for an optimal user experience. 
  • We don’t recommend that you use:
    • Development, test, or beta versions of web browsers.
    • Browser versions that aren’t publicly released, as they may not work properly with the JumpCloud application.

Supported Web Browsers

JumpCloud supports the latest versions of the following browsers.

Administrator Portal:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari*

* For proper display in Safari, go to View > Text Encoding, then select Western (ISO Latin 1).

User Portal:

  • Chrome (Desktop and Android)
  • Firefox*
  • Safari
  • Edge

*Device Trust is not supported with Firefox.

Unsupported Web Browsers

We’ve made a conscious decision to only support browsers that are both secure and comply with modern web standards. We do so to ensure the best experience, features, and security for our customers. Browsers not included in our list of supported browsers, such as Internet Explorer, don’t meet our standards for security and compliance. While other browsers may work, JumpCloud doesn’t explicitly test browsers that aren’t listed in the Supported Web Browsers section.

We currently don’t support mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

Updated on July 12, 2022

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