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Where do I find my Mailgun API details?

If you plan on connecting your own Mailgun account to ZZaZZe via the API then you need to securely send us your API key via this form. 

(connecting Mailgun via the API is the best way – more details here)


At the moment, the High-Level Mailgun integration only works for domains set up in the US region. 

If you set up your domain in the EU region, it will not work.

If you aren’t able to set up your domain in the US region due to your GDPR Policy, then you will need to use OPTION 2: The Direct SMTP Method on this page.

The steps to get your Mailgun API key are as follows:

  • Login to your Mailgun Acount
  • Click on the Profile menu in the top right and select API Keys
  • Show this API Key by clicking the  symbol
  • Copy and paste the API key into a secure sending tool. Here are some examples:
    • https://onetimesecret.com/
    • https://pwpush.com/
    • https://password.link/
  • Send us the Secure URL via this form. 
  • We’ll add it to your account within 2 business days and let you know via email
  • You start sending Marketing emails and generate ooooodles of new clients
Updated on July 9, 2022

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