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How to Contact Support

Visit the Members Portal.

3 Easy Ways to Get Support

Click the Life Saver icon on your taskbar

When you create a support ticket through the members portal, it sends a request directly to one of our support engineers.  Give us a short message about your issue and we will start working right away.

Send an email to support@zzservers.com

Shoot us an email with details about the issue you are having.  The more information the better.

Urgent Issue? Call 800-796-3574 Option 2

Have a major problem and need help right now?  Your support team is ready!

Need help after hours? Call 800-796-3574 and let our evening help desk know what the issue is. They will alert our on-call team and will assist you with your issue.

After Hours Help

If you need help outside of our normal working hours (Monday – Sunday 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Eastern), don’t worry – we have you covered!

Call our help desk at 800-796-3574  option 2.

Provide our on-call agent with your name, company, device(s) affected, and a description of your issue.  One of our on-call engineers will be in touch shortly.  We are here for you rain or shine 24/7/365.

Check Status of an Open Ticket

Already have an account or an existing ticket?  Click the link below to be redirected to our members portal to get status updates or interact with your support team.

Visit the Members Portal.

Updated on July 12, 2022

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