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Getting Started with the Portal

This support portal is designed to help you access your cloud-based applications, learn how they work and get support when needed.

Click on your email address or picture display your profile page. On this page, you can:

  • View your account information.
  • Change the portal theme.
  • Update your personal information. (Use the pencil icon next to your email address).

On the left side of the screen is the expanding menu. Here you can access:

Home Page

  • Company applications – A list of approved company applications. You can also add your own links to this page. Right-click on any menu item to add or remove it from your “favorites” list.


  • Calendar – One or more Office 365 calendars shared by your company administrators.
  • Directory – Company staff as identified by their Office 365 profile information.
  • Knowledge Base – This set of articles. Your company administrators or your I.T. can add content.
  • Messages – Company messages of special interest. If you have any unread messages, their count will appear in red next to the message icon on the top status bar near your name.


  • Office 365 Status – Shows any issues with Office 365 services. Check here first if you are having difficulty with using online Office services.
  • Report a Problem – A list of problems you can report to I.T. staff or company administrators.
  • Request Service – A list of services that are available from I.T. staff or the company.
  • Support Tickets – A list of all your previous requests to the I.T. staff, both problem reports and service requests.


  • Courses – Security and other courses created by I.T. staff or company administrators.
  • Office Updates – A list of new features and upcoming changes to Office 365 applications.
  • Quick Starts – Quick reference cards in PDF form that were created by I.T. staff or company administrators.
Updated on July 10, 2022

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