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Using the Calendar Feature

Under the Company section of the feature set, client portal has a Calendar function.

About the Portal Calendar

The Calendar feature:

  • Only appears when Office 365 has been attached to the company within the portal
  • Only pulls in events that are visible within Office 365
  • Is view-only, and cannot be changed to be edited
  • Can be added to only by partner administrators and users that have access to add/edit content
  • Pulls only from individual users, not group calendars

This calendar is not a personal calendar intended to show the user’s own meetings – rather, it’s intended for shared calendar views that you or the users would like shared across the entire organization (ex: a CEO’s calendar, or a conference room calendar).

Calendars are unique to organizations, and as such have no content packages associated with them. They are established and managed solely at the local company level.

Updated on July 12, 2022

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