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How do I connect ZZaZZe to Twilio?

ZZaZZe has a deep integration via API with Twilio, allowing you to send SMS & Automated Voice messages to your Prospects & Clients. 

However, currently High-Level doesn’t have a way for you to connect your own Twilio account into ZZaZZe. 

Instead, we need to do it for you through the back-end Admin system.

To do that, we need you to securely send us your Account SID and your Auth Token:

Please use a tool like One Time Secret to secure the keys and include the link in an email to clientcare@zzservers.com with the subject line “Please connect my Twilio“. 

We’ll get you connected within 1-2 business days and let you know as soon as it’s done. 

Once that’s connected, make sure you have an Active Twilio Number in your Twilio account and set it as the Default Outbound Number in your Settings here:

Hopefully one-day High-Level will build a feature that allows end-users to add their own Twilio API keys. 

Updated on July 9, 2022

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