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What is LeadConnector?

LeadConnector is the name that High-Level uses for their public-facing Apps and Integrations.

The reason High-Level use the LeadConnector brand is because they have lots of clients (agencies) that try to act to their clients as though they built the High-Level platform themselves (since it’s white-labeled). 

Those agencies don’t want their clients finding out that they’re using High-Level, so High-Level created a generic brand (LeadConnector) that doesn’t show anywhere publicly (e.g. on the website) that it is a white-labeled platform. 

You’ll see the LeadConnector name on things like the High-Level Zapier Integration, the High-Level Mobile Apps (Android or iOS), and the High-Level WordPress Plugin.

(all of which will work perfectly with ZZaZZe)

With ZZaZZe, we are loud and proud that we’re using the High-Level platform and don’t try to hide anything 

Updated on July 9, 2022

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