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What limitations does ZZaZZe have?

We haven’t actually built the underlying ZZaZZe system ourselves (we wish). 

Instead, we’ve built ZZaZZe on top of a platform called High Level (you can find out more about High Level here).

Here are some of the limitations we’ve noticed on the High Level platform to help you decide whether you want to use ZZaZZe or not:

  • LIMITED 2FA SUPPORT – whilst High Level enforces 2FA on all users (awesome), they currently only supports SMS & Email as 2FA methods (not as awesome). If this concerns you, then please don’t use ZZaZZe. We would love it if you would vote on this Feature Request to encourage High–Level to add more 2FA Options.  
  • EMAIL SENDING – ZZaZZe/High Level is an amazing Marketing Automation / Sales tool, however it doesn’t include an SMTP Service. They instead integrate with professionals in this space (SendGrid, Mailgun, Amazon SES, etc). We have set up a ZZaZZe Mailgun account and allow you to send up to 2,000 emails per month through that account (using your email). 
    If you need to send more than 2,000 – you’ll simply need to plug in your own SMTP Service (e.g. Mailgun, SendGrid, Amazon SES, etc). The process is luckily VERY easy & super cheap. 
    As we get used to the average sending amounts per member, we will hopefully be able to increase the included 2,000 emails per month included limit (remember, we are trying to keep ZZaZZe completely free for ZZ Servers members so we need to be very careful on our hard costs). 
  • NO BLOG FEATURE – whilst ZZaZZe includes a full WYSIWIG Funnel & Website builder and hosting, there is currently no dedicated BLOG feature like in WordPress. However, High Level says it is coming on the roadmap, so stay tuned. Some users use a 3rd party tool called Drop In Blog. 
  • LIMITED OFFICE365 CALENDAR SUPPORT – ZZaZZe includes a replacement for Calendly / Schedule Once / Acuity however High Level have focused on Google Calendar as their primary integration method (which works great). Office365 Calendar integration does exist however is a bit clunky and requires a bit of messing around. Some people use Calendar Bridge to sync their Office365 Calendar to a Google Calendar to make it work better. 
  • COMPANY <-> CONTACT RELATIONSHIP WEIRDNESS – High Level initially didn’t build a 1:Many relationship between a Company and Contacts so it’s a little weird how you manage multiple contacts at the same company. It’s likely not a deal-breaker – but if you do work with lots of businesses where there are LOTS of contacts at each business – you might get a little frustrated managing it. 
  • NO FEATURE REQUESTS – because we didn’t build and don’t control the underlying platform, we have very limited (to no) input on the Product Roadmapas we are only 1 out of over 15,000 businesses that use High Level. If you are looking for a platform where you can ask for feature requests with a reasonable chance of them being built for you, this is likely not that. If we think a feature request will be helpful for the majority of ZZaZZe users, we’ll of course ask High Level to create it, however as they have 15,000+ clients, we won’t hold high expectations. 
  • ACCESS TO DATA – Obviously, being your CRM vendor means that both us and High Level will have access to the data you store in there. That adds a layer of risk you need to take into account. However, if you’ve been around the ZZ Servers world for any period of time, you’ll know that we have a ridiculously good reputation in the Industry that we protect fiercely. Using your (our clients) data for our own purposes would be the fast road to completely ruining our reputation and business. We operate in a least privilege security model so that the ONLY people on our side that have access to client data are people that absolutely need it to be able to help deliver the product and provide Technical Support & Assistance. We don’t currently believe there’s a single Marketing & Sales Automation vendor in the world that operates any differently (yet), including the major players like InfusionSoft/Keap, Hubspot & ActiveCampaign. We’ve had the conversation directly with the CTO of High Level directly about the direction they should take with better granular security controls and will continue to push this agenda where we can.

Hopefully, that covers all the major limitations/frustrations (that we know of). 

If you’re happy with all of them – then get your account setup ASAP and get started!

If you ever notice a limitation that you think will frustrate ZZaZZe users and think we should list it on this page, shoot us an email to clientcare@zzservers.com and we’ll get it added 

Updated on July 9, 2022

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