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Who is High Level?

We didn’t actually build the underlying ZZaZZe platform ourselves (we wish). 

Instead, we piggy-backed off an already existing white-labeled platform called High Level.

You can find more about them here.

Most agencies and businesses that white-label High Level try to do so secretly passing it off as something they’ve built.

However, we’re all about transparency here at ZZ Servers, so we’re happy to loudly proclaim that we leverage the High Level platform to build ZZaZZe. 

The awesome part of this is that they have a 100+ person team continually building updates & new features. 

The not so awesome part of this is that we are 1 of over 15,000 businesses they have as clients – so we can’t really impact the product roadmap. 

If you get sick of us and want to cancel your ZZaZZe / ZZ Servers relationship, you can still keep your High Level account – there’s more details here.

Updated on July 4, 2023

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